Lemon macarons

So… a follow up on the rainbow cake, do you know the problem with baking a white cake? The same problem you have with making macarons.

You end up with a lot of egg yolks.

What to do with excess egg yolks that you don’t want to waste? I did pasteis de nata before, which I love but could not be bothered to bake over the weekend, so I decided to make lemon curd.

I don’t make lemon curd very often as my husband doesn’t particularly like lemon-flavoured desserts and I can’t justify eating all of my bakes myself with my ever expanding waistline. On searching for a recipe for lemon curd that only uses egg yolks, I came across this one. You dump all the ingredients into a bowl and heat over simmering water.

Gross-looking lemon curd prep!
Gross-looking lemon curd prep!

In case you’re wondering, yes, it did eventually all melt into a homogenous yellowish lemony custardy texture.

After having a lot of faith... this results!
After having a lot of faith… this results!

But lets just say I don’t think I will be using that recipe again. The curd never got thick enough for what I want, and it’s annoying because I don’t know if that meant there was too much lemon juice or what, seeing that they gave the ingredients by number of lemons and not by volume of juice! I was even measuring the temperature of the lemon curd with my infra-red thermometer (geeky gadget, yes). I chucked it into the fridge after it had cooled down in an attempt to get it to thicken up more.

Anyway, since I have absolutely nothing to do with the lemon curd now that I’ve made it (I never really think very far in my projects), I decided to make them into lemon macarons since it has been a while since I have made macarons. I wanted to make sure that my doggedly-learnt skill does not fall to the wayside!

Anyway, the batch of lemon macarons came out lovely! And no cracked shells!

Lemon macarons... maybe too much yellow.
Lemon macarons… maybe too much yellow.

The sweet meringue shells contrasted nicely with the tart filling (unless you ask my husband, and he will tell you it is so sour, it will turn your face into a scrotum – nice imagery there!), and letting the curd rest inside the dry macaron shells overnight meant the curd thickened even more and actually held together when bitten into, rather than slopping out everywhere like an overfilled sandwich. Piping was a bit of a challenge though, and you can see a couple of the macaron shell went a bit lopsided in the process.

I brought half the batch to a baby shower on Monday and it went down a storm, and the other half ended up as snacks for the workplace on Tuesday. How are my colleagues not all fat yet, I do not know.

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