Nutella-stuffed oatmeal cookies

I’m probably going to get lynched for saying this, but I’m actually not that crazy about Nutella. It’s too sickly sweet for me. I find this a tastebud change as I got older… maybe that’s how you know if you are old! However, my original plan to bake old-fashioned peanut butter cookies today is derailed when I found out that today is World Nutella Day.

I’m sure it’s overcommercialised and everything… I mean, World Nutella Day being an actual day? Surely it’s made up just to sell more jars of Nutella. And curses, why does it have to be in February, when the weather is cold and Nutella is pretty much frozen in current room temperature? This makes it difficult to judge if your Nutella is “fresh” unless you have only just torn the foil off – non-fresh (stiff/dry/hardened) Nutella will not melt to create the oozy centre we want in this bake.

Looks so healthy and innocent on the outside...
Looks so healthy and innocent on the outside…

In an attempt to make it healthier and not just all about chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate (although it is incredibly tempting to make chocolate chip cookie with Nutella inside), I decided to make oatmeal cookies to wrap around the Nutella core, in hopes that at least oatmeal is a healthy ingredient. Lower your cholesterol – that was increased by eating all that butter and chocolate – with the addition of oatmeal! Maybe it evens things out. For me, it lessens the guilt a bit.

To start out with, I scooped out balls of Nutella onto greaseproof paper and popped them into the freezer to get them as cold as possible to ease handling. Whilst they are chilling, I start on my cookie dough.

Oatmeal cookie recipe is found here, with slight amendments for this particular bake – no cinnamon added (been using a lot of cinnamon in my bakes over Christmas), but as I was using medium eggs and not large, I increased eggs to 3 (as mix was too dry) and decreased sugar (to counteract the sweet Nutella core) to 150g white sugar and 150g molasses sugar.

Then I just wrap cookie dough around the slightly-frozen Nutella balls, and bake at 190C for 12-14 minutes. Take them out when lightly golden and cool on wire rack.

And so sinfully ooey gooey on the inside!
And so sinfully ooey gooey on the inside!

Or just eat them whilst they’re still warm and gooey. 🙂 I had to resort to using the microwave to warm the cookies up when they’ve cooled down too much to get the ooziness in the photos – and I can report they taste verrrrrrrrrry nice after a short blast in the microwave.

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