Toffee apple pudding

We don’t do puddings a lot in this household. Not because we dislike pudding – far from it, both of us like sweet things far too much! It’s mainly due to the fact that I have trouble gauging portion sizes and often end up cooking for six when there is only two of us. By the time we are done with the main course, there is no room for pudding.

Not today. The husband cooked today, which means we get normal portion sizes for dinner, so I made pudding. I also made pudding because I have two Bramley apples that I need to use before they go brown and horrible, and I have a recipe I’ve bookmarked since November that I’ve been wanting to try.

Toffee apple pudding straight out of the oven.
Toffee apple pudding straight out of the oven.

This looks and smells divine coming out of the oven, but it’s not until you grab a big spoon and dig into it to dish it out that you realise that it is swimming in a dark, caramelised sauce. All that spongy batter has baked and absorbed the sauce at the bottom, whilst the top has crisped up and browned like cake.

I’ve used dark molasses sugar in this, so the sauce is pretty dark (but very tasty!).

All dished out and looking saucy. Mmm...
All dished out and looking saucy. Mmm…

“I think this may be the best thing you have ever made,” says my husband.

“That is high praise, considering how many awesome things I have made,” I reply, feeling slightly smug but also slightly hurt (what about my amazing macarons? And chocolate chip and Bailey’s muffins?).

To let you know how truly momentous this occasion is, my husband rarely ever volunteers to have seconds of anything. The only time he had asked for seconds was when it was 1) freshly baked bread slathered with butter and salt; 2) bread and butter pudding (before now, I’ve never noticed this theme of bread + butter he seems so enamoured by… hmm…).

Well, he asked for seconds for this and he finished it.

If there is one thing I would change about this recipe (other than portion size – again, there was enough to feed six people!) is to add some cinnamon in the batter, and maybe less sugar in the batter as the sauce is pretty sweet already. All in all, an excellent hot pudding for the winter, but incredibly filling. I forgot to serve it with vanilla clotted cream ice cream which I had in the freezer, but my husband appears to not have noticed this oversight, so I shall keep mum on this.

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